Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions new and old

Happy New Year!


I did pretty well on last year's resolution projects--finishing 4 of 6 projects plus a slew of other projects that weren't on the list. Let's take a look at what I did, and my resolution projects for 2014.



1. I finished the sampler I resolved to do last year.


2. I substituted coasters for the Christmas towels I wanted to do and finished them.


3. My nephew LOVED the pillowcase we gave him for his 6th birthday.


4. I did NOT do a Christmas ornament for Christmas cards this year. I just didn't have an inspiring idea.


5. My Brazilian "WELCOME" is hanging on the wall!


6. Finally, I started the partridge in a pear tree from Inspirations 67, but I didn't even finish one leaf. It is still outstanding that I will work on a little at a time.



1. This year I resolve to play with new techniques and design rather than pushing myself to complete big projects.


2. I will finish at least 3 crazy quilt blocks (and try new techniques on each of them).


3. I will submit a project to the Piecework literary needlework competition (due in March).


4. I will embroider a Brazilian sampler.


5. I will design a Brazilian Christmas ornament and try to write up a pattern for it. (I have a great idea in mind already and am excited to work on it!)


What are your stitching goals for this year? Do you make needlework resolutions?


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