Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

I'm back in New England for April. Spring is tentatively looking around and trying to decide whether or not she is going to stay awhile. She is still not sure. People say that they have seen the tips of bulb flowers peaking out of the ground, but we don't have any bulbs in our yard and even the forsythia is asleep. But the snow is almost gone and that is progress.

So for Easter, here are a few cheery things. First a delightful little bunny ornament hanging on my mantel. It was made by Starr White who blogs at Wonderland Woods about her backyard woods in Alabama, where Spring has definitely visited. She recently opened an Etsy shop of the same name to sell her woodsy creations--pretty little toadstools swaddled in moss. Her worlds are beautiful and I love my little bunny, so perfect for Easter.

Second, a little embroidered bunny next to some bunny scissors. Anyone who knows me knows that I love bunnies and last week I was in a meeting that was scheduled for one and a half hours, but lasted three and a half hours. When that happens, I doodle, and one of my doodles was a little bunny that was too cute not to embroider. I think I will cut her out and apply her to a book jacket when I go back to Denver.

So wherever you are, happy Easter or Passover and my your day be peaceful.