Sunday, January 5, 2014

Planning my stitching "stay"treat

To start the new year out right, I have decided to create my own stitching retreat here at home January 16-20. I have Martin Luther King Day off so I decided to take off the Thursday and Friday before the weekend, clear my schedule and stitch for 5 days in a row. Saturday the 18th there will be open stitching at my local shop, so I can can get out and interact with other people. I have even scheduled a massage for half way through the weekend to loosen up any kinked muscles. Now for the advance planning.


I'lI need to make sure that the house is clean, cook some meals in advance and stock up on treats, movies and books on tape. I also have to decide what to work on. I've already determined that working on one thing the whole weekend is probably NOT what I want to do. Instead I want to make progress on my design for the Piecework Magazine competition, but also do a few little things that I've been thinking about for a while. Since some of them could turn into birthday or Christmas presents it would be a great start to the new year!


I'll need to prep my projects in advance to be the most productive and to be sure that I have what I need. Here are a few of the projects mulling around in my head.


  1. Kitchen towels--I have some patterns that would be perfect for my sister. I might use the color and stitch technique on them.
  2. Pillows for my brother-in-law. I just need to download the patterns
  3. Portraits done in back stitch
  4. Setting up my Brazilian sampler (but probably not working on it because I have other things I want to do before I start working on this and I know it would become an obsession).
  5. Working out details for my competition piece
  6. A pillow based on a children's book
  7. Finish an opera coat I started a few yeas ago. Actually, I'm not sure about this one. I would now feel as though it needed to be embroidered, which I wasn't originally planning on doing. BUT maybe I could plan that out.
  8. Continue work on a dragonfly embroidery I am struggling with


This is obviously too many things to work on--even for 5 days. But I have two weeks to decide and set the projects up for embroidery. I think that the projects will sort themselves out as I prepare.


I can't wait!


  1. have a lovely sewing retreat, sounds as though you will get a great deal done

  2. Sounds like a good Idea, I have chores I do all through out the day and I reward myself with working on my tatting and arts, right now my birthday cards for stitching fingers too :)

  3. Mad tatters and Margaret, thanks for your encouragement! I am REALLY looking forward to this!