Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crazy quilt block 1 progress and retreat planning

I had a very productive stitching weekend. Despite some snow, or maybe because of it, I have made major progress on my very first crazy quilt block.


The last time I featured it, I was still working on the crab, but since then, I've not only finished the crab, but embroidered a sailboat, embellished one of the fabrics, made my first ever ribbon roses, and tried my hand at 3-D beading. This is a good start on my New Year Resolution to try new stitching techniques!


I am still planning to stitch a dragonfly in the upper left and to embellish the remaining seams. I like how the piece is progressing, but I hope that it doesn't get too crazy. Or at least too crazy to look good.


I've got the fabric for my next block, which will be mostly green--another summer block. I may sew the block up during my retreat so it is ready for stitching later.


And speaking of my retreat, I have made more planning progress. I chose photos for my portraits and printed them out and bought fabric and floss. Later this week I will try my hand at tracing them so that they can be transferred to fabric. I am a little apprehensive about which lines to trace to make the portraits come alive, but that's part of the magic. I am using a tutorial from the Habit of Art blog to help me through this, although I think I will frame the finished works a little differently than they suggest.

Floss or pearl cotton--that's the question!


I've also bought some flour sack towels to prep for embroidery and downloaded the pillow patterns I want to work on.


There's more to do, but since I only conceived of this idea last Friday, I think I am making good progress. Too bad the house isn't getting itself cleaned up as quickly!



  1. your crazy block is looking great, you have certainly put lots on it, now I must make an effort and start mine, I have cut out 12 squares as backing fabric. Interesting what you are din with the photo, will enjoy following you on this journey

  2. Your block is coming along beautifully. Is there any such this as too crazy? Haha, anyway I love the 3D beading. This is something I think I would like to try out myself. Such an inspiration, thank you!

    1. I was inspired to try the technique by some work by Elenor Pigman. Here is a link to a portrait she did that is just stunning