Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I got ahead of myself

Over the weekend I did cleaning and cooking, and embroidery prepping, just as I had planned to get ready for my stitching retreat. But at some point on Sunday, I started getting lazy, and with so many projects prepped to work on, I started stitching.


One of my projects is a set of kitchen towels for my sister's birthday (next November). I had three washed and had applied the iron on transfers (Aunt Martha's Wine Country set 3998). They were even colored and the crayon set. So this is what I started stitching, and I even finished one!


I'm excited to get more done over the long weekend as well as the other projects I've prepped. I have all sorts of ideas for Christmas and birthday presents this year, and if I spend the first few months of the year working on them, I should be able to get a lot done without really killing myself.

The retreat starts tomorrow, and stitching this towel has really wet my appetite!



  1. That pattern is so cute! What a great idea for a gift.

  2. This is so cute!! Looks you're off to a great start :) How well does the crayon wash? does it fade a lot over time?

  3. have a lovely retreat and not only will there be plenty of stitching but good company too and maybe a few glasses of wine

  4. Thanks everyone! This is such a fun technique. Starr--I've only used it twice before. Once was for decorative potholders that will likely never be washed. The other was for the pillowcase I made my nephew in November. I washed that before giving it to him with no losss of color. We'll see how it stands up to continuing washing. I have found that the color fades sometimes when it is first ironed. I have had to recolor certain areas and then iron them again.