Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New beginnings

It is finally spring in Denver--despite the crazy snow storm we had on Mother's Day--and people are concentrating on new beginnings. My apartment is packed up and the things I care about are on their way to Rhode Island. I've kept just enough in Denver to be able to live comfortably. While I was packing, I came across my First Communion Book. I am not sure why, but on my First Communion day, without any prompting, I drew everything that happened to me.

I was not at all accurate about a lot of things. For example, in this self portrait I have bangs and brown eyes, but I didn't have any type of bangs at all until high school, and my eyes are green!

Yet I was very careful to be accurate about other details. Here is the dress that my mother made for me. The bodice was smocked--that's what all those pink dots are. It was the first time I had seen smocking and I was fascinated by it.

I don't have a photo of me in my First Communion dress, but this drawing shows the whole ensemble. How proud I was! I have to admit being a little disappointed though when I got to the church and saw all the girls with veils. We were told not to wear them, and having never been to a first communion, I didn't know what I was missing until then.

Least you think I was all about the dress though, I do have several drawings of the service, including the big moment.

So happy spring, and happy First Communion to the children experiencing their own new beginnings this May.