Thursday, January 3, 2013


Two years ago my Brazilian embroidery guild in Denver, Colorado began this JDR Brazilian Elegance "Welcome" as a guild project. I started the project, but the gold thread frayed so much that I put it aside to work on samplers instead. In an attempt to inspire myself to finish this project, which is really lovely when complete, I brought it to my husband's house in Massachusetts to work on.
The entire WELCOME. The pre-printed pattern lines wash off.
My husband and I currently live 2000 miles apart, but we see each other every month, each spending two weeks during opposite months in the other's home. This "Welcome" is destined for Massachusetts and by leaving it there, I will always have a project to work on without the hassle of carrying sewing supplies, hoops and scissors back and forth. Unfortunately, although I was in Massachusetts in August, September and October, I never picked up my embroidery. Between, work, vacations, birthdays, and enjoying our time together, the embroidery bug didn't bite
But I spent a month home in Massachusetts in December and caught the bug again. I finished a large project just before Christmas, and needing a new project, I pulled out my "Welcome." To my surprise, the gold work wasn't half as difficult as I remembered. The thread still frays, but my problem in the past was that in an effort to be sure that I had full coverage, I was cramming too many lines of stacked stem stitch together. By spreading them out a touch, I've saved my sanity.

When I brought this embroidery to Massachusetts, I had finished the embroidery (although not the finish work) on the "L" and the gold work on the "M." Look what I've done since Christmas! The gold work on the final "E" and the "C" is done, and all the greenery on the "E" and "M" is also complete, in addition to most of the greenery on the "C". When I come home in February I will likely pick back up with the greenery on the "C" before starting the flowers. It is nice to see some progress already on my New Year's resolution!
As I worked on the "Welcome" this week, my husband asked when I would be doing something for us. He was VERY happy that this was for him, and has encouraged me to keep working on it. That's nice too.
There will be more updates on this project as it proceeds.
The "M" is ready to embroider the rolled and stacked roses.
Buttonhole, alternating satin stitch, stacked stem, fly stitch, lazy daisy stitches and french knots compose the greenery on the letters.


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful! You do wonderful work!

  2. Thank you! Lot's more to go before this one is done. I almost hated to,leave it in MA!