Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Day

First Day is the name of this stump work design from Inspirations Magazine.

Here is one of my New Year's resolution projects. It is a 8" by 6" stump work partridge in a pear tree featured in issue 67 (2010) of Inspirations Magazine. I've wanted to try this piece since I first saw it.

My Brazilian embroidery instructor and local stitching shop owner ordered the threads for me over a year ago. Since then, they have been sitting in my embroidery basket as I worked on other projects. Many of the techniques are new to me, the thread is new to me (I've never worked with silks), and I don't know for sure what wire I am supposed to use. But no more excuses. I am going to stop fretting and start stitching.

I bought three types of wire for this project. In the photo from left to right is a length of 6-stranded cotton floss to judge size next to 26-gage paper covered florist wire, 28-gage beading wire, and 32-gage fabric covered wire. The project calls for 28-gage beading wire, but I may use the 26 gage since I am told that the covering keeps the thread from sliding around.

A list of just a few of the techniques in this piece (some of which I have tried, but am not proficient in) that scare me to death include:

  • stump work leaves done on wire
  • raised stem stitch over cording and over padding
  • corded detached blanket stitch shapes done over a cordonnet and later attached to the piece

A full list of stitches include:

  • couching
  • overcast
  • split stitch
  • blanket stitch
  • satin stitch
  • stem stitch
  • detached chain
  • corded detached blanket stitch
  • raised stem stitch
  • straight stitch
  • stab stitch
  • bullions
  • colonial knots
  • needlewoven picots
  • Ghiordes knot
  • open chain
  • fly stitch

I don't even know what all of these stitches are. Good thing that Inspirations has such clear instructions. I will tackle them one step at a time.

I haven't bought the fabric yet, so I am going to start small with the detached leaves. There are seven of them, which should keep me busy as I build my confidence.

I'll post progress updates throughout the year. By going public with this challenge I know I'll work on it. I'll need all the support I can get to finish this project during 2013!

The threads themselves don't look too intimidating, but what a lot of greens!


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