Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year, A New Project (and some old ones too)

It is not surprising that so many stitchers' New Year's Resolutions revolve around finishing up old projects. Last year my mother resolved to knit through her stash of donated yarn. She didn't quite make it (she has A LOT of yarn) but the church knitting group benefited from a lot of finished garments and blankets.

Like most stitchers I have unfinished projects that were supposed to be done this year and projects that I have been waiting to start for over a year. So, here is my list of stitching that I want to accomplish in 2013. I probably won't finish it all, but we will see next year how well I've done. Maybe publicizing my list will help me finish it.

  1. There is a sampler I started last June as a Christmas present. Maybe I am just early for 2013.
  2. Christmas towels for next year's Christmas gifts.
  3. A pillowcase for my nephew before he is too old to be willing to use it.
  4. A Christmas tree that we can photograph and make into next year's Christmas cards.
  5. A Brazilian embroidery "WELCOME" by DK Designs. My guild did this 2 years ago, but I was stymied by the metallic thread that outlines the letters. I brought it to my husband's house to work on when I am in Massachusetts. I will have to work on it regularly to finish it this year.
  6. Finally, I have all the threads (I've had them for a year) for a "Partridge in a Pear Tree" that was featured in Inspirations issue #67 a few years ago. It is a stump work piece with a lot of detached buttonhole stitch. I love detached buttonhole, but haven't done much, and I haven't done much stump work either, or any silk work. It is all new territory for me and I am excited to try.
So there's my list. It isn't my complete list of unfinished projects, nor the complete list of projects that I've been thinking about starting for several years, but it is ambitious enough for me.

Good luck to all stitchers out there with their own project lists. May you have good stitching in the New Year.

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