Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A slow start

Little projects are what have been keeping me going lately. I'm using them to experiment and get my creative juices flowing after such a dry year. One thing that I had to do was to finish the baptismal bibs that I had promised to do over the summer. I stitched them a little at a time, but decided that I HAD to finish them before I left for Thanksgivingand pushed to finish all six. Since the only "rule" was to stitch the water blue, I had a lot of fun with them.

But the best thing was that the day after I returned to Denver in January, I ran into the coordinator at church. She loved what I had done and got me six more bibs before I left again for a Florida vacation. I thought I might have time to do a little stitching on the plane, but we wound up having a rainy cold vacation and a death in the family that left me happy to have something to keep my hands busy. I stitched all six new bibs in one week.


These were especially fun because I decided to experiment with new stitches. I tried Hungarian braided chain stitch and cable chain stitch. I especially like cable chain stitch for the crosses. I also tried a tacked filling stitch for the fish. I've wanted to try that since I saw a painting at the Worcester Art Museum that portrayed fish scales in cross hatches. I like how it turned out, but would like to experiment more.

It is nice to have a little project that can be completed in an hour or two to experience to with and which you know will be appreciated by the recipient!


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  1. loving your stitching on these beautifully done