Sunday, November 9, 2014

Travel priorities

I had to laugh last weekend as I packed my suitcase to fly back to Denver. It was such an odd assortment of things to be flying with--especially for a three week trip. Not for the first time I was glad security doesn't question me about my choice of baggage.


For my flight I brought home a 19" suitcase and a computer bag packed with the following:

1 pair jeans

2 long sleeve shirts

1 q-snap frame that I had finished using and some patterns

A black work kit I am working on (more on that next week)

Fabric for a skirt I want to sew

A crazy quilt book

A cross stitch book

A bag of fabric scraps for crazy quilting

2 novels

My work and home computers

An ipad

Some work papers

Medications and a little bottle of hair goop


I focus on my projects and making sure that I have the proper supplies where I need them, rather than on my appearance and what I'll be wearing. It helps that my wardrobe is split between the two homes, but if I didn't cart the supplies back and forth I could travel with just my computer bag!


It is more frustrating than I want to admit having a sewing machine in only one location. If I had one in Rhode Island, my skirt would already be sewn and I could have started my crazy quilt blocks. But maybe it is better this way. When I am back east, I spend all of my non-work time with my husband and when I am in Denver I have concentrated time to work on projects. Not having a machine back east keeps my perspective on what is important in my life--my family. But sometimes I still miss sewing something fun, as opposed to something necessary, when I can justify borrowing a machine from someone. It also means that I have to finish any outstanding Christmas presents before Thanksgiving, or I'll have to start shopping when I get back to Rhode Island!

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  1. good to see you have your priorites right re your suitcase . So are you home now till after Christmas, a bit of quality time with your husband