Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween kind of

I didn't quite finish my Day of the Dead sampler for Halloween this year. Luckily it is just a play piece. There is a lot wrong with it, but it has been fun to work on a colorful piece with no real purpose, deadline or even pattern!


My idea started with a desire to embroider a skull and grew from there. Here is my initial drawing. I wanted skulls and flowers and hearts. My idea was to sink my stitches into thick black felt, but I couldn't find black wool felt, so I bought grey. Then I had trouble having my white markers show up on the fuzzy felt, so I cut the skulls out of interfacing to trace around them. I liked the white against the grey so much, I decided to embroider right through the interfacing


Here is how far I've gotten. I have to finish the flower and one more skull, then add vines, hearts and a backing. I may put it aside until I return to Rhode Island though, I've got other projects to work on in Colorado and the less I carry back and forth, the better.

At least I can be early for next year!


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  1. yes I am sure it will be finished in time that is if you do not out it away and then forget about it