Sunday, November 16, 2014

Languishing lovebirds

Last week I mentioned that one of the things I brought back to Denver in my suitcase was a blackwork kit. I alway thought blackwork was beautiful, so I signed up for Tanja Berlin's blackwork "Lovebirds" class in August. Lessons were sent out every two weeks through last week. Unfortunately I didn't get my kit until just before the third of five classes was published. Somehow the U.S. and Canadian post offices let us down. By the time it came, I was so busy with other things, that despite my resolve to keep up with the course, I only finished lesson one this week. Unfortunately, my critique wasn't so good. I found myself rushing to finish and made some mistakes. Not big ones, but big enough. I'll have to work through the rest a little more slowly, and sadly on my own since the class ends next week. I'm disappointed with myself, because the materials and the critiques are great. I just couldn't keep up.


Here's what I have done so far. I'm looking forward to working on it over Christmas--which means that these little birdies are going back to New England with me. Too bad they don't earn their own frequent flyer miles!



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  1. what a shame re the pattern being delayed etc but i am sure you will finish and be thrilled with these love birds