Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The craziness of stitching (and living) in two places

Living in two places, like I do, means an awful lot of planning has to go into my needlework—more than just making sure that my project is done on time. I have to make sure that it is done AND in the best location at the right time. So this weekend, even though I was packing, sorting things for donation and trying to make hard decisions about what would stay in Denver (and likely never move), what would go back to Rhode Island this spring, and what would go back when I move home permanently, I found myself scrambling to finish some projects that need to be back in Rhode Island in May, even though I won't be there then.


First, I sewed up the three elephants I mentioned earlier this month (two for a friend and one for Roger’s grandchild). I don’t have a sewing machine in Rhode Island and my sewing machine will be one of the few things that I will move home when I move permanently. That means, the elephants had to be done before I fly to Rhode Island with the cats next week. BUT, how would I fit them in my suitcase with all the cat dishes, beds, etc. that I was bringing in my checked luggage? The solution—don’t stuff them. I’ll buy stuffing in Rhode Island and stuff them when I get home. It is exhausting dealing with all the permutations my mind goes through to figure out the best solution to these puzzles!


I also framed the two portraits that I embroidered earlier in the year and will take them home with me. One is a present that will be given early in June and because I am doing the dual move (moving things to Rhode Island and to a new smaller apartment in Denver) at the end of May, I am not 100% sure if I will be home for the birthday or not. At least the present will be there! The other is a Christmas gift, but it will be more convenient (and cheaper) to mail it from New England than Denver. Similarly, I finished a shower gift earlier this month (I'll show it after the shower). I don't know when the shower will be, but it will be back east and I might as well take it in the checked luggage now rather than mail it later.

Two framed portraits and three baggy elephant skins are coming with me on the plane, along with two cats and their accoutrements!


What craziness! I can't wait until this big double move is over. At least the cats will be home in Rhode Island by the end of this month. That is definitely a blessing. I just have to make sure that they are quiet on the plane so that we don't get kicked off!



  1. what a lot you have got on your plate, hope the move goes well and you settle for a short time before you up sticks and move again

    1. Margaret, I've now added the stress of a job interview in a different city--so I don't know for sure where my moves will take me if I get the job! Good thing we've held off until May and a only moving the cats now!