Sunday, March 2, 2014

Start of a design

Last week I talked a little about my desire to design my own embroidery and how the piece I was finishing was inspiring me. But, if you look back at my stitching resolutions for the year, you will find two more design projects I wanted to complete this year. One was for a competition for Piecework Magazine soliciting needlework inspired by literature. A photo of the worked piece was due this month, but you haven't seen anything related to my design yet, have you? Sigh.


I have been so busy working on Christmas and birthday presents, that my design piece has lagged behind and won't be anywhere near done this month. Additionally, although I got a giggle from the thought of a wedding ring pillow inspired by the Pride and Prejudice quote "a truth universally acknowledged", I started thinking that others might not get the joke--especially not modern, independent brides. I definitely cannot see my step son's fiancé wanting such a thing anywhere near her wedding!


But this sad story has a silver lining. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that my idea, minus the quote, would make a perfectly wonderful wedding or anniversary sampler. So, with renewed energy, I have begun, very slowly, working on some ideas.


I am starting with a blown up version of a monogram wreath I found on Mary Corbet's website. You can find the original pattern here, but I think when I am done, only the barest outlines will remain of that design.


Here are my scribbles in thread so far. You can ignore the colors. The blue will undoubtably be in the finished version, but there will be other colors as well. I am looking forward to getting back to this after I finish the project I am working on now (half done already), but since I intend to move most of my furniture back to Rhode Island in April and downsize in Denver, I may not get too far. We'll see!


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