Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Will beg for quilts

Begging for things NEVER worked when my sister and I were little girls. We were even told that we shouldn't write a Christmas list--Santa knew what we wanted and we should be grateful for whatever we received. And we were! It turns out, however, that constant begging for new quilts in a public forum is an extremely effective way to influence my mother to sit down at her sewing machine. She just can't resist making a new quilt.


My mother has been inching her way through her scrap pile for the last several months, making quilts for charity. And while I don't want to deny anyone who could be comforted by a new quilt, I have been shamelessly begging on this blog for more quilts. So I was thrilled when my parents arrived for my husband's Oktoberfest birthday party with a new quilt for our house. It is a twin size, but I think it will be just perfect for the air mattress my sister and brother-in-law will use when they come visit for Thanksgiving. This means we now have a quilt for each bedroom. YAY!


I love this quilt. First, I am very partial to combinations of squares and triangles. I don't know why this is, but simple shapes are the most attractive for me. Plus I love scrappy quilts. This has both qualities, plus absolutely gorgeous colors.

Mom has always had what my sister and I felt was a perverse love affair with the color mustard. The kitchen in the house we grew up in was painted mustard and green and there was always mustard in every quilt she made. It is clear from this quilt though that mustard can be stunning. I love how she combined it with the springy blues, peaches, hot pinks and my favorite browns.


Mom has also been learning to use a long arm quilting machine. She rents time on one at her local quilt shop. I think that her machine quilting looks fantastic, and this random pattern is perfect for the homey, old fashioned feeling of the quilt.


Our wedding quilt, which I mentioned in an earlier post, but without a photo, has a similar feeling. It also has squares and triangles in my favorite browns and reds. Since it is made from reproduction Civil War fabrics, it is perfect for our Civil War era house.

So thank you Mom! We REALLY appreciate these quilts. They make the house a home.



  1. Beautiful quilts! Begging works. :)

  2. wish I had someone I could beg to!! 2 lovely quilts.

    I too have a favourite colour green and recently shades of orange/tan seem to have crept into my favourites area.

  3. the proper color according to your dad is "ugly orange"!!!! But the ladies at quilt club think the tiny bit of "UO" makes my quilts pop - works for me so far!!!!!
    use and enjoy. Mom