Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New uses for quilt binding

I cannot make bias tape quilt binding to save my life. Actually, if quilt binding could save my life, I likely could do it, but I wouldn't enjoy it. My mother, however, loves to make quilt binding. She always has some hanging from the long arm lamps in her sewing room, ready for any use. And she uses it for many many things in additon to quilts. For example, all of her scissors are attached to quilt binding chatelains so that she can hang them on a lamp or around her neck to keep track of them. I've had presents tied up with quilt binding and have had quilt binding wrapped around heavy packages to use as a handle. This weekend though, I saw quilt binding used in many new ways.


My parents came to visit for my husband's birthday and brought a u-haul truck full of furniture that they had had stored in the basement. We received the dining room table that my parents had bought with their wedding money, my great, great grandfather's lamp, old school desks to use as end tables, and the antique dresser that was in my sister's and my room as children. We're thrilled to have such wonderful keepsakes in our new, old house.


To keep the dresser drawers in place during the 400-mile move, mom wound quilt binding through the drawer handles and around the back of the dresser. It worked well and came in handy later. We couldn't find any twine when Roger was hanging the Oktoberfest sign for his big birthday bash, so he consulted with mom to find a solution. I'll bet it is the first time quilt binding has been used this way, but it worked well and the party was a sucess! In what creative ways do you use quilt binding?

How's that Oktoberfest sign hung?
With homemade quilt binding!

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  1. such a variety of uses, sorry I have made one cot quilt that I made binding for and that is the first and only time I have used it mind you when I complete another quilt I will make more.