Sunday, October 13, 2013

Iris jacket

Several months ago I mentioned a jean jacket that I had once embroidered with some irises. I didn't think that I still had the jacket. After all, I had bought it on a lunchtime shopping trip with friends 15 years ago. But, fall is here and while I was looking in my closet last month to see which jackets were in Colorado and which were in Rhode Island I found it! As with my quilts, it has been washed and faded, but it still fits and is very comfy.


Here is the design up close. I stitched the pattern with DMC floss over mesh that you pull out with tweezers after washing the stiffening out. They are more springy than autumnal, but it still makes me smile to see these happy little irises. I'm glad I can still enjoy wearing them.


Fall is just getting started in New England.


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