Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking stock

When I began this blog with the new year, my goal was to write one post a week and hopefully have at least my mother and husband read what I wrote. Now, six months later, I've written 41 posts and had over 3500 hits on my blog. Never did I think that would be possible. Thank you!


On New Year's Eve, I also made a list of projects to accomplish this year. I think that unlike my writing, I am woefully behind in my stitching! Let's take stock.

  1. I wanted to finish a sampler meant as a Christmas gift. This I did and it should be framed by the time I get back to Massachusetts in August.
  2. Christmas towels. I wanted to make some for some special people. I forgot about this goal. I'll have to get busy on it!
  3. The pillowcase for my nephew is still being designed in my head, but I want to start it soon. I think I may resort to finding a coloring book to help me with some of the motifs I want to use, but I have a poem for it and I know I will use a combined crayon and embroidery technique. Once the crazy pumpkin is done I will start it.
  4. Embroidered Christmas card. I've been thinking a lot about this goal lately. I even thought that if I could finish the Partridge in the Pear tree this year (see goal 6) that I could use that for our Christmas card. That is not a practical idea though. Neither is the first design I had in my head. My newest idea is to use some poinsettia patterns designed by Maria Frietas and arrange them in a wreath. THAT I can do. I will start that in August or September.
  5. I have made lots of progress on my WELCOME. It will definitely be finished this year.
  6. Partridge in a Pear Tree. UGH! I DID start this, but didn't even get half a leaf done. I will make progress on it before year end, but it will not be done this year. Maybe it can be next year's Christmas card.

So, I have made some progress on my resolution projects, but not enough.


Of course, I HAVE done other things. I stitched a second sampler that will be given as a gift, I embroidered a multitude of baby blankets, I am half done with my crazy pumpkin, and I am about half way through my Blumen Needle Brazilian project. In addition, I've finished several small sewing projects. Not too bad since I work full time and travel between Boston and Denver every other month.


If I concentrate on my resolution projects during the second half of the year, I think I will make a lot more progress.


Thanks for sticking with me! What do you hope to accomplish in the next six months?



  1. you were very organised at the beginning of the year with what you planned to do and it is good to see you are trying to stick to your plans.Good to read hubby and Mum follow your posts afraid none of my family are the slightest bit interested in my blog, never mind I do have some faithful followers. I do so enjoy reading what people are doing and seeing all their wonderful creations. As to what I hope to accomplish in the next 6 months here goes, I hope to complete the CQJP 2013 challenge, so far have kept up and I am also doing the Tula Pink challenge. Have signed up to a RR with the group embroidery friends which envoles 10 of us , waiting for the first piece to drop through the letter box, only hope I can do justice to other peoples pieces.My journey into patchwork continues still not happy with my progress but will get there in the end. The embroidery seems to have taken a back set for now but will get back to it at a later date.

    1. Margaret, I've seen your Tula Pink challenge blocks. They are fantastic!

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