Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crazy pumpkin deadline extended

It turns out that I am not the only one who was having difficulty finishing my pumpkin by June! With six panels, six month was just not enough time to piece and stitch the whole pumpkin before the finishing class. So I got a reprieve. Finishing class will be next month. But, having a deadline did inspire me to get more done. I finished two of the three all-over embroidered motifs and made headway on the third. I started the crazy panel as well, but I will save that for next week, since I hope to make more progress by then.

These marigolds were done with felt, beads and Cosmo stranded floss. Not well executed, but done. I certainly need to practice curves!

I like my execution of the rosehips better. I may add a yellow bead on each fruit to make it a little less dull.

Autumn will represent sunflowers--although they don't really look like sunflowers on finished pieces I've seen. More work to do here. I am split between doing felt or beaded centers. Another thing to practice is obviously back stitch! I ought to do some sort of sampler when I am done to practice these basic stitches!


Somehow I just haven't found this project that enjoyable. It should have been, but I am itching to try a real crazy quilt block. A few of the women in my guild have decided that that is what they want to do to. So starting in August, they propose to turn pumpkin class into a crazy quilt group, where different people provide instruction on different techniques that they have learned and can apply to crazy quilting. I hope that other people taking this class decide to keep on stitching. I can't wait to get more involved!


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