Thursday, August 7, 2014

I wish I had a thimble

Like many sewers who aren't quilters, I've never used a thimble long enough to get used to the feel of it. I have always sworn them off, although I have a few. Unfortunately they are all in Colorado and I am in Rhode Island. In fact, I am in Rhode Island all by myself because I flew into Providence late Saturday night and my husband went on an unexpected business trip Sunday. I am taking advantage of my unexpected isolation by working on hand sewing the trim onto the bottom of my dining room valances. Each valance is over six feet long, so that is a lot of hand sewing! This is my second night of stitching and I am almost done with two of three valance. Of course, once the hem trim is sewn on and I make the inverted box pleats, I will still have more decorative trim to sew. At least that trim will be 16" shorter per valance since I will be sewing across the box pleats instead of along the whole length of the valance. I will HAVE to get a thimble before I get to that stage or my finger will fall off. Yikes, it is tender!

Some of the edge trim. It seems endless!



  1. bit puzzled as to what the valances are for as I only know them as frills around a bed, sounds like lots of hand stitching, personally I find it more relaxing to do than using the machine. I use a thimble sometimes but find it difficult to get the right size and always feel they should be longer than they are for comfort