Sunday, August 31, 2014


There was no blog post last weekend because despite the progress my husband and I made on our house, we didn't finish anything until this weekend. We had a concerted burst of energy Friday and Saturday and were able to accomplish a lot before I left for Denver Sunday morning. Unfortunately, because of all the work on the house, I did almost no embroidery. Here is what we did accomplish.


First, we changed out the curtains in the kitchen. Here is a before shot from the previous owners. They had a nice country/farmhouse style, but unfortunately, we just aren't county.

I did not make the new curtains in the after shot, but I did have to shorten them and my husband had to hang all new hardware, so I count this as a win. It has brightened up our kitchen tremendously.


Then upstairs. The before shot again comes from the previous owners.


We were using the room as an office and a place to store unpacked boxes. Now it is our new guest room/office/craft room. It is difficult to make a room do triple duty, but with the recent addition of a sleeper sofa I think we did pretty well. The pictures need to be hung before our first guests arrive at the end of September and eventually we will paint, but it is a cosy, yet uncrowded room. The curtains were here when we moved in, but I think they are staying because they go with the new furniture perfectly.

My favorite addition is the Ikea storage unit we built in the closet. I still need to get baskets to contain my fabric and yarn stashes, but I can put my hands on everything easily now. Lest you think that the photo shows my entire stash, know that I also have fabric stored in the dresser and have a considerable amount in Denver as well!

Finally, we are almost done with our showcase room. Roger needs to put up some chair rails and we have one wall yet to paint, but we are very close to finishing our Victorian Safari dining room.


Here is our predecessor's country look. Pretty.


And here is our safari theme. As you can see, I finally finished the valances and Roger hung them. The sheers come from Ikea--as did the palms! I even was able to make a runner from left over fabric to cover the side table that my grandfather built. It turned out even better than we hoped.


The next task will be to wallpaper the stairs and paint the upstairs and downstairs hall. I'll need to make new curtains when we do that. I guess I better start thinking about what they should look like!


I never knew it took so much effort to decorate a house! But we are both pleased with the results.

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