Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wild Heather

On Saturday I went to the Wild Heather Studio and Gallery around the corner from the Denver Art Museum to pick up the piece of fabric I dyed at the museum the weekend before. Here it is.


After washing it is soft and supple, but I was a little disappointed in that the leaf stamps that I had used had faded so dramatically. Still it was a fun experiment and I am looking forward to trying more. I even borrowed a book from the library to read up on dying techniques, although I think it will be many months before I actually try it.


While I was there I looked closely at what the studio offers. There is hand-dyed fabric in one or two yard lengths in all colors of the rainbow, hand-dyed gimp and ribbon, and even silk cocoons.


There was an artist working on a fabric wall hanging with dyed and raw silk and embroidering it with raw silk cocoons. I don't use silk much and I had never seen anyone stitch with the silk just off a cocoon before!


It is a nice shop and I am likely to go there to buy any dyed fabrics or yarns I may want in the short term rather than trying it myself. I did buy myself a little treat during this trip, some hand-dyed silk ribbon.


It will be perfect for making this silk dragonfly that I saw in issue 75 of Inspirations Magazine. I want to put him on my crazy quilt block when I have time to get back to that project.


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  1. the dragon fly will look lovely, your silk ribbon has such delicate colours. I am lazy re dyeing, I sometimes will use silk paints sponged onto fabric, cotton even poly cotton works and quite like to sprinkle sea salt on it for the effect it gives.