Sunday, September 22, 2013

WELCOME progress

My husband and I just bought a house in Rhode Island. It was built in 1850, but has been well kept. I saw it for the first time when I was back east at the end of August, and it really didn't take long to feel at home--even though half the rooms are empty and there were boxes everywhere. My husband has taken on everything--buying the house, moving, and house repairs--without my help since I am still in Colorado, and I am really grateful.


I'm trying hard to find a job so that I can move home soon. In the meantime my husband has identified the location where the Brazilian WELCOME will hang.


I've promised not to start any new projects until it is finished and have been working on it constantly this week. I've actually completed enough that I went to A Stitching Shop yesterday to buy the pearls and beads that will embellish the letters and flower centers. They won't be sewn in place until I finish the stitching and wash the piece, but I expect that will be during my next trip home in October.


This week I finished the "O". The blue peach blossoms were fun to make. My detached buttonhole petals are far from perfect, but I am quite pleased with how ruffly they look. I also like the frilly rose. I've made enough Bossa Nova Roses on this piece that it was fun to change it up with the cast on frills.


Only the W is left and I've already finished the gold, which is the hard part. I may have the whole WELCOME completed for my husband's birthday on October 5th. Cross your fingers that my Massachusetts framer will still consider framing it even though she has closed her shop. I want this one done right!


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  1. do hope you find work soon Margo so you can move in to this lovely house, your brazillian work will look very goo in the spot allocated to it