Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun in Fort Collins

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to Fort Collins, CO. He always wants to go there when he visits, but my car isn't air conditioned and an hour long drive in 100 degree weather isn't something to look forward to. This trip, however, I really wanted to go because one of my favorite fabric artists, Sally Mavor, had a piece exhibited at the Lincoln Center.

You can find out how Sally made this 3-D piece on her blog at the link above.


The Birds of BeeBe Woods was inspired by the woods of Falmouth, MA. I love the piece so much that I bought a poster of it several months ago, and I couldn't wait to see it in real life. Rightfully, it won the Juror's Choice award. In fact, every person who came into the exhibit while we were there did a beeline for the piece, oohing and ahhing from all the way across the room.


Up close, the piece, done on embroidered felt, is masterful. I thought my poster showed the details, but seeing how tiny and even her stitches were, for example across the wren's wing, was flabbergasting. It is a perfectly delightful work of art and is on display in Fort Collins through August 31. I'll write more about the wonderful quilts that we saw there later!

Green chili beer. YUM!


In between samples of craft beer (Fort Collins hosts 10 craft breweries) we also stopped by to see LambSpun--the Fort Collins knitting shop made famous by the mystery novels of Maggie Sefton. Boy was my mom excited to see photos! It is a lovely shop and there was an afternoon tea & stitch going on while we were there. Roger didn't take a photo, but seeing all the knitters sitting at the big wooden table gabbing away while they knit was just like the books!

Finally here is some eye candy I saw at one of the Fort Collins shops--every sewing room needs one!

This clock made by Allen Designs really caught my attention. It is so whimsical!


All in all, it was the perfect marriage of both our interests and I saw a lot to inspire me.



  1. that piece by Sally really is the most wonderful work of art, I had seen it on her blog, must be wonderful to see it close up and have a really good look. Maybe it will be brought over to the UK on a tour sometime
    You certainly had a lovely day out.

  2. Lucky you that you had the opportunity to see The Birds of BeeBe Woods in person!