Thursday, February 25, 2016


I promised to show you all some of the Chistmas presents that I made this year. Now that they are all distributed, it is safe to post them. One of my favorites was Winnie, my daughter-in-law's French Bulldog. I wanted to repeat the outline technique that I first tried last year. The difficult part of this technique is deciding what details to keep in and what to leave out. I wish I were a natural artist, but I see improvement each time I trace a new photo, and I think it worked very well this time. At least my daughter-in-law recognized Winnie right away! I have a few more of these projects that I want to try, so you may see more soon.



  1. a very good likeness both to Winnie the dog and Winston Churchill

    1. lol! I'm not sure my d-I-l would agree! Maybe I need to go back to the drawing board-- literally!

  2. Hi Margo! this is terrific! I know your dil will be thrilled to bits with this thoughtful and beautiful gift. I wish you were my mother - in - law :) mine doesn't like me much :)