Sunday, August 23, 2015

Needlework fiction -- Button Box Mystery Series

Button Holed Kylie Logan (2011)

**** 4/5 stars Check out Goodreads for more reviews of this series and individual book'd

Kylie Logan's cozy mystery series is not about needlework specifically, but the next best thing--notions. When Josie Giancola gave up her job in finance to open a button shop in Chicago, the last thing she expected was a murder on her doorstep. After all, buttons are boring. At least they bored her handsome ex husband. Even so, Josie gets her big break when a starlet chooses her to help find buttons for a royal wedding dress. At least she thought it was a big break until the starlet winds up dead, stabbed with button hook.

The cocky characters in this series are a lot of fun. The charming ex husband who is chronically loosing money on "sure bets," the fatherly ex-cop neighbor, the distracted detective who can only talk about police work, and Josie, who is happiest alone with her buttons, make an unlikely company of investigators, but it works extremely well. I've even laughed out loud at their antics. But even better, you will learn a lot about buttons while reading this series. Logan includes a history section at the end of each book that discusses the types of buttons the mysteries revolve around. It is fascinating.

There are currently 4 novels in this series. I hope that there are many more.

Information about this series

You can find a synopsis of each book in the series on the Kylie Logan's website.

A nice article on buttons.

National Button Society website. Be sure to look at the NBS Pintrest Pages for pictures of gorgeous

The second novel takes place at a national button conference. Click here to see examples of competition button trays.

If after seeing all these wonderful button, you are inspired to make one for yourself, see one of these death head button tutorials. Someday I will try this!



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