Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Dracen

Today is our grandson's second birthday! I'm a lucky grandma--falling into the role a few years after I married my husband. I've got all the fun of being a grandparent and none of the pain of raising my own children. Unfortunately, May is my Colorado month, so I wasn't home for his party yesterday. He did not go without a homemade gift, however. I was thinking ahead this Spring. I made his present in March and brought it home in my suitcase in April.

I hope that this car caddy is useful. Dracen's car seat will be turning around to face front soon and I have my fingers crossed that he will be able to reach books and bottles in the caddy. The bad thing about never having been a mother is that I am really not sure about the abilities and usefulness of this type of thing for kids and mothers. I made a caddy for my nephew when he was little, but I don't know how it faired--my sister never told me and she lives in yet a third state, so I don't see him often. It may not be the most exciting present, but I think that two year olds have short attention spans, so maybe useful is as good as fun. Besides, he has two other grandmas who are all about fun! This little boy is very blessed to have so many people loving him.



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  1. was a great pressie, this will be so good when travelling, he can have all his bits and pieces within easy reach and as you say a short attention span at his age. I see lots of kids have mini DVD`s in the back of cars to keep them amused but much better to have a variety of kiddy toys and more creative than just watching cartoons!shame you were not there to see his face but there will be plenty more birthdays