Sunday, October 5, 2014

A New England Wedding

Last weekend was my husband's youngest son's wedding. We had a glorious New England Indian summer day, with temperatures in the high 70s. Perfect for a wedding on the lawn overlooking the salt marsh. Kyle and Kristen were married by Roger's eldest son, Ben, and I kept from crying at the sweetness of his words only by reminding myself that my mascara wasn't waterproof.

The reception was in an old stone barn on the Crane Estate--low key, yet quite beautiful, with good food, family, and lots of dancing. You couldn't ask for a better function.

My husband with his brothers and nephew.


And although my wedding gift to them wasn't quite done, it was at the framer's with a promise to expedite the process. And here it is all framed up and ready to present to them--a Brazilian wedding sampler all in neutrals.

The pattern is called "Wedding Wreath" from EdMar and is deceptively simple. In fact, it would be a wonderful beginner piece because it uses only eight basic stitches. This one is completed following the recommended thread colors, but I have seen it done in purples. I am almost done stitching another for my cousin in pinks to match her wedding colors. I'll show you next week.

In the meantime, I hope Kyle and Kristen enjoy their wedding sampler and have many happy decades ahead of them.


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  1. what a beautiful bride. Your brazilian embroidery is a wok of art and so beautiful and I am sure the farmers wife quilt will be lovely. I have just boiuht the book but will have to sign up to craftsy for the more detailed instructions as it is not detailed enough for me