Saturday, September 13, 2014

A weekend wedding

This weekend, my little cousin Emily married the love of her life and I was privileged to celebrate with them. My cousin is 25 years younger than me and 20 years younger than her next oldest cousin on our family's side, but she has always been deeply loved by all of us. I have never seen my cousin unhappy or sulky. She has always radiated joy and movement and love. So I was very honored to be her only relative to attend the Utah wedding besides her parents.


There will be a reception back in Syracuse, New York later this month for all of our relatives back east. I am the only one who lives close enough to make it economically feasible to attend the actual wedding, and my husband's son's wedding is the day of the Syracuse reception, so I feel especially blessed to have been able to see the bride on her wedding day.


And I am happy too to have finished some monogrammed pillow shams for the new couple in time for the wedding. I hope it makes their starter apartment a little more special.


Emily and Charlie are dancers. Emily did ballet up until a few years ago when we attended another cousin's wedding and she saw everyone swing dancing. I think it was that wedding and Dancing With the Stars that peaked her interest in formal dance. She took it up in high school and is pursing it in college at Brigham Young University. She and Charlie were just declared World Amateur Smooth Champions at the Embassy Ballroom Dance competition in California. At 20 she is definitely living her dream.


When Emily was a little girl, our grandmother doted on her. Grandma and Emily would shake and jiggle and wiggle together. My grandmother's laugh was contagious and soon the whole house would be laughing along with them. Our grandmother would have been so proud of Emily if she could see where their dancing lead her.


Emily is not crafty. I gave her the sewing machine I got for my high school graduation when I got a new one, but our sewing lesson didn't go too well. The project was too complicated and half way through I tripped on a cord and broke my toe. Em is much more of a kinetic learner who likes to be up and moving and socializing, but I think she will appreciate the handmade gifts coming her way from the heart of her family.


I wish nothing but happiness for my cousin on her new journey.


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  1. what a lovely blog you have here today, such a pretty bride and congratulations to her and her husband, both for the wedding and the dance championship, in my younger days I did ballroom dancing but it is 40 years since I ventured onto the floor!