Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crafting in Colorado

Sadly, my trip home came to an end on Monday when I took a 5:50 am flight out of Boston back to Denver. But, my two sewing weekends in Rhode Island gave me the bug. I have quite a few projects prepped and some real deadlines coming up. As a result, I spent most of Saturday stitching away. Unfortunately, I seem to have moved home some of the things that I need here, so a few of the projects I wanted to work on, I couldn't. Even so, I made a baby blanket and a bib for a church fundraiser--I will show you that when I finish the last pieces. I also cut out a wedding gift and got it prepped to sew and finally started a Christmas gift that was previously prepped. tomorrow I hope to accomplish more, but I have some work to catch up on after our holiday over the 4th of July, so I won't get as much done. Even so, it has been nice sitting in my air conditioned bedroom listening to books on tape while creating things for people. It makes up a little for being alone again. I need to get home permanently.


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