Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring in New England with elephants

You know Spring has sprung when the elephants come out. My baggy elephant skins from Colorado have fattened up nicely and are ready to play in the forsythia. Hopefully the boys and girls who they will be going to have a lot of energy!


I used buttons for the elephant eyes this time, and found some really sparkly ones for the Hello Kitty elephant. She is a real girly girl.


Speaking about eyes, I was out in the garden over the weekend trimming the forsythia and pulling down some overgrown ivy when I accidentally encountered my absolute nemesis--poison ivy. I steer clear of poison ivy because my family is all particularly sensitive to it. Who knew I had it in the yard? This time, in addition to arms and legs, I got the ivy oils on my eyelid. Thankfully, a few days of oral steroids have reduced the swelling.


Now why do I get up close and intimate with poison ivy, but will miss the pear tree and the lilac, which are both about to bloom? It hardly seems fair, but it is back to Colorado for me.


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