Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I want for Christmas is...

Sometimes it is hard finding the right presents for family and friends since I live so far away and am never sure what they have or need. Additionally, as we all get older, we just buy what we need and have specific requirements for what we want, which makes it even more difficult to find the perfect gift. I really don't want people to spend a lot on me or have to worry about gift giving.


What I REALLY want for Christmas this year and next year and likely the next, is buttons! Buttons have gotten so expensive and so cheap looking, that it is hard to find interesting ones that you can afford. Yet, I’ll bet that there are canning jars and candy boxes full of buttons hidden away in antique and thrift stores, and garage sales going for a few dollars. That’s what I really want. I want buttons for purse closures, but more importantly, for my crazy quilt! I found the cutest book full of crazy quilt motifs, with several revolving around buttons. I’m dying to try some of them.


Of course when you WANT to find buttons they aren't anywhere to be had. I recently scoured my local antique store and found one jar of buttons--but they wanted $45 for them! Maybe it is still a deal, but I think I'll try a thrift store first and ask my friends and family to keep an eye out for stray ones.


I do have SOME buttons. Years ago I bought a bag of assorted old buttons and I have used them for tons of different projects, but my supply is running low. So little 50 cent bag of buttons—or lace trimmings, or old upholstery discards—THAT is what I really want for Christmas!

Ten years ago I made Christmas ornaments for coworkers using my stash of buttons. This one is coming apart a bit I probably should have sewn them on the machine andjust used the blanket stitch for decoration.



  1. I do hope you get your buttons from father Christmas. Not sure he will be reading your blog though. I have my grandmother`s old button container but you can be sure when I need a button I can never find one suitable and have to go and buy more. I have not used any on my crazy, must do so next time.

  2. I hope you get your buttons for Christmas too! I so wish I had my grandmother's cigar box full of buttons. She kept it in the top drawer of her old fashioned cabinet style sewing machine. I spent hours and hours playing with them. some things never change! I'm still playing with buttons, lol!