Sunday, November 3, 2013

A whale of a used book sale

One of my all time favorite things about living in Colorado is not the mountains--the heights and sheer drop offs scare me to death--but the Jefferson County Whale of a Used Book Sale. Held twice a year at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds, there are over 90,000 used books for sale. All proceeds go to fund children and teen programming at the county libraries.

Aren't the crowds amazing? And this was only 15 minutes after the sale opened!


The fall book sale was last weekend and I waited to go until Sunday, which is $6 bag day--all the books and audiobooks you can fit into a grocery bag for $6. This year's sale was particularly good. After 30 minutes I was making my way to the cash register because there were just too many books I wanted. I had to get out of there or risk running out of shelving.

Books fill up the entire hall--and downstairs too!

They had an especially good selection of audiobooks--and surprisingly few people looking at them! I came away with 17 new selections to listen to while I stitch, sew and cook. They are really my favorite entertainment and it is always good to have some on hand in case I finish one while the library is closed!

My haul of books!


I also came away with a nice selection of mysteries and history books and some fantastic deals on stitching books, including one of Erica Wilson's books! Just glancing through it has given me some good ideas that I will be developing next year. Additionally, seeing her on the cover makes me realize that SHE was the woman on PBS all those years ago that first inspired me as a little girl to pick up a needle. I can't wait to read it!


I also got a nice survey book on embroidery styles and history, a pattern book that looks like it will be a lot more fun to read than my Vogue pattern fitting book, and an audiobook with a story revolving around a sewing circle. I'm in 7th heaven surrounded by books and stitching! I only wish my friends and family would plan their visits around the book sale--they would need an extra suitcase to bring all their finds home!

An illustration from Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing. Who can honestly say they haven't tried this or something similar?!



  1. Oh wow! I have book envy. I'd have had to bring a wheelbarrow :)

  2. what a wonderful way to spend a morning, like you I would have come away with a stash, must admit have never bought an audio book, maybe I will get one out of the library and see how I go on though think it would distract when stitching, I find music is okay in the background but if I am working on something I have to concentrate fully on I have to have silence.