Sunday, August 11, 2013

"All that white"--great projects that drive you crazy

I recently had an online exchange with a woman who had just finished an adorable cross stitch picture. It was three sheep bottoms and one sheep face beautifully stitched on dark linen. She was rightfully proud of it, but it took her several years to finish because of "all that white."


I think every stitcher has had the "all that white" experience. Cross stitchers may be more prone to it because they are locked into one stitch for the majority of their work, but all of us have felt it. My "all that white" project was, in fact, an extremely colorful Brazilian project, which like the sheep, looks fantastic stitched up, but caused excessive boredom while stitching.

These hibiscuses by DK Designs look lovely worked up. The frilly leaves were fun and surprisingly simple to do, and the brilliant flowers pulled me in like a bee to honey. The petals are composed of a variety of cast-ons, knotted cast-ons, combination cast-ons and bullions, topped off with a three-color drizzle for the stamens. The stitches are ingenious and pop off the fabric. It is everything a Brazilian project should be.


When I started stitching, I was so enamored of the pattern that I resolved to stitch two--one for me, and one for a friend. But as the months passed and I was still stitching the same string of cast-ons, I decided that maybe I could live with a photo of the finished piece. In fact, by the time it was done, I couldn't wait to ship it off to my friend in Finland. As pretty as it was, I never wanted to see it again.


So, despite the fact that my hibiscuses are full of eye-popping color, I so understand how all that white could drive someone crazy. What's your "all that white" project?



  1. your brazilian piece is beautiful, shame you found it such a chore to do. I do a lot of white, hardanger can be a chore, at the moment I have a large piece of white 28 count fabric that I have stitched 4 small, two medium and one larger piece on, done in pink and white for my younger daughter. It is all my own design and have got to the stage where I have to do all the needle weaving etc, this is the first time I have struggled with a hardanger piece, glad I have discovered patchwork as I can give it a break, maybe I will go back to it with more enthusiam.

    1. I was warned that the hibiscuses were rather timeous to work by someone else who had done them. It is a shame because they are beautiful worked up and the stitches were fun to learn, just too repetitive. I can see how hard infer could get to you too, but if you are working your own design, that must keep you going!

    2. Tedious!Don't you love auto spell checker?

  2. Hi Margo!

    That is a beautifully stitched piece!
    I know completely what you mean about never wanting to see it again though ;)

    I am so honoured that I inspired you to do this blog post, and I am so happy that you sent the link to me. It has been a pleasure to read it, and I will definitely have a look around your blog and add it to my feedly! :)

    Kind regards
    Michelle :)